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THREE years Later, it's published Jocke!

                    WEll done all!

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Ganesh was celebrated with a festive dinner

Sahlgrenska Academy has awarded Ganesh Umapathy the best thesis 2017 at the Institute of Biomedicine, which is funded by Dr. Arnt Vestby's Research Foundation.

The dean of Sahlgrenska Academy Agneta Holmäng presented the prize to Ganesh.

Five of the total seven recipients of the award of the year received diplomas and flowers during the evening, and also gave short presentations of their dissertation work. Participation made Daniel Sundh, who received the prize of the year's thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy, Sara Wallström, Department of Health Sciences, Amina Basic, Department of Dentistry, Anna Edelvik, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology, and Ganesh Umapathy, Department of Biomedicine. 

IngaBritt and Arne Lundbergs Research Foundation

Its all bananas,

Journal club , Friday the  27th of March, 2020,     corona times

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